Academy Signs offer clients in Dublin and Ireland the very highest standards of projection signage. Our projecting wall signs can be customised to the branding considerations of any business or organisation.
One of the main advantages of projecting signs is the increase in on-street visibility. They are particularly noticeable to pedestrians, making projecting signs a must for any business that relies on footfall.
All projecting wall signs provided by Academy Signs are double-sided and made from extremely robust, weather-resistant materials.
We design, manufacture and design everything from traditional projecting signs that hang from a chain or a bracket to modern fully illuminated projecting wall signs.
Whether you’re looking for a traditional sign or something more contemporary, we can design the perfect projecting wall sign for your business or organisation.


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Easily Seen From the Street

Projecting wall signs can be seen from the street and are particularly good at being seen by pedestrians. Therefore a business that relies on footfall could increase awareness of their premises by using a hanging wall sign.

Available in Traditional and Modern Styles

Depending on your businesses’ branding and colour scheme a traditional sign may be more appropriate. For a modern business, however, a hanging sign can be illuminated and built with vivid modern colours.

Perfect as Primary or Secondary Signage

While often seen as secondary signage on a building, projecting signage can also work as the primary sign. They are eye-catching and available in a range of styles and materials.

Projecting Signage FAQ

  • What different types of Projecting Signage are available?

    The most common types of projecting signage are:

    - Acrylic Projecting Signage
    - PVC Banner Projecting Signage
    - Projecting Wall Signs With A Steel Frame
    - Projecting Aluminium Banner

  • How do I know if a Projecting sign is right from my business premises?

    We recommend scheduling a consultation with our signs experts. Times can be organised by calling our offices on (01) 493 5188 or emailing us at